Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's already Jan 22, 2008

and it is hard to believe that the Polar Bear Plunge was just 3 short weeks ago! All of us at Meadowbrook Pool and beyond would like to thank everyone for coming to the event.
We know we had around 1000 people because of the numbered wrist bands that were handed out and by the number of badges that we have left. There aren't very many.
It was great to see so many costumes and people were in great spirits. We want to thank Starbucks for sending such a great team of people to make hot drinks for everyone and we sure hope we can get them back again next year.
Hope everyone is experiencing a great 2008!


Anonymous said...

the ballard chapter has been doing this before 2001. so un-official is correct. maybe 2nd in line.....

Carol Achtmeyer said...

Janet -
We love the Polar Bear Plunge and did it with our 5 year old last year - it was fun, except that she got kind of tangled up with all the enthusiastic grown ups racing towards the lake, and that was pretty scary for her.

Would you consider having a separate section called the "Little Cub Dip" (or something like that)for families with little ones? Alernatively, maybe the little kids could go in first. Just something so they don't have to navigate all the adults. I think more little kids would participate.
Please feel free to contact me if would be helpful at cea1962@yahoo.com.


kiwicarole said...

Hi Janet, I hope you get this as I don't know your email address! Thanks for dropping by my blog and your kind comments re the charms! I am very much a charm 'virgin'! LOL so your comments help calm the nerves, that they may be not good enough!
Please tell me about your charm group!
Carole ;D