Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cold Badges of Courage are here!

If you didn't get your Badge of Courage I am happy to tell you that they just arrived and they are here at Meadowbrook Pool so if you can come by and pick yours up - that would be great.
But if you need us to mail one to you please call the pool, 206.684.4989, to let us know your address.
Did you remember to take the Polar Bear Pledge?
It goes like this: raise your right paw and say "I, _______, do shiveringly swear that I braved the icey waters of Lake Washington in Seattle, on January 1, 2010, up to my neck, and have hereby earned this Commemerative Cold Badge of Courage."
Please remember...
These badges are given out according to the honor system so we are trusting all of you out there to only take one if you have earned it.

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