Thursday, December 30, 2010

And the bathrooms will be open too!

Today's temperature is 35 degrees outside and 47 degrees in the water. We will have lots of coffee, hot chocolate and Hot Tang...the beverage of choice for Polar Bears everywhere.


Brog22 said...

Had a great time down South (water 41*) at Mt Baker Beach.
We missed you guys up here but I think heard some screams. Check out pictures to foollow, maybe on youtube.
We even had a Dragon Boat.
[tech note=do not yet see a Jan 1st post to give you pics or links...whatever I am still to cold to type anyway.]

Ray Lévesque said...

It was a blast! What a great crowd! I usually go to the White Rock BC Polar Bear Swim and I miss their Beach Boys music setting the mood! But this was fine effort! And yes, I went in and got the patch - totally worth it!

Perry said...

It was a great time. Here's a little video'n that I did.

tabathastarr76 said...

I had a great time with my daughter! This was our first year doing this. We decided that we will be 2 of the thousands that are brave enough to go out there year after year! We had a blast and can't wait to freeze next year. However we noticed many camera's out there taking pictures and we can't seem to find any? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Ernie Sapiro said...

Attended the 2011 Plunge for the first time as a spectator/photographer. Great event! I got some outstanding photos - they can be viewed at

Click on the Polar Bear Plunge gallery. Thanks for a great time!

Ernie Sapiro