Thursday, December 29, 2011

There's no turning back now...

January 1, 2012 is almost here....

and with only 3 days to go the Polar Bear Plunge preparations are being checked off the "to-do" list right and left.

The water is a "warm(ish )" 47 degrees and the extended forcast isn't showing any signs of snow or rain.

If you've ever wanted to do the plunge with a screaming mass of humanity that instantly becomes your new best-friends - then this is the year to do it!

And this year is going to be our 10th Anniversary so an extra special Badge 'O Courage has been created to help mark the occassion.

Wouldn't you like to be one of the "lucky" 1500 people that willing goes into Lake Washington up to your neck?

Come on...

you know you want to do it!

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